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Civil Practice Areas

General Liability

The firm is experienced in managing all types of tort litigation. The definition of "tort" is expanding. We try to guide clients in conservative management of tort litigation.

Retailer Liability

Retailers and shopping centers have unique liability considerations. From slip and falls to security issues to product liability claims, a retailer faces a myriad of potential problems. Our services and expertise include strategic operational advice to make the inevitable lawsuit easier to defend.

Non-Subscribers' Actions

In Texas, more and more employers have made the conscious choice to reject the Worker's Compensation Act and be a non-subscriber. With such a bold move, a company needs advice, counseling, and direction when handling common law claims brought by employees against the employer.

Premises Liability and Security Cases

Criminal acts against customers often become litigation against apartment complexes and other premises owners and occupiers. The firm has actively litigated many of these cases and helped make law by pursuing defenses in Appellate courts.

Commercial Litigation

The Firm offers an extensive litigation and dispute resolution experience to assist clients in a wide variety of commercial matters, including banking, contractual disputes, corporate disputes, and other similar commercial matters. Akers works very closely with corporate and transactional counsel who refer their clients with litigation needs. The Firm in essence becomes the referring attorneys' outside "litigation section" to meet the needs of their clients and to promote a team effort.

Real Estate Litigation

With the booming Texas economy, the amount of real estate transactions has grown exponentially. With such business activity comes disputes that often need a deft hand from someone experienced at not only the handling of the trial, but in crafting documents to avoid litigation entirely.

Oil Field / Construction / Industrial

The Texas economy may have diversified in recent years, but Texas is still an "Oil Boom State," giving rise to much industry and significant construction. The Firm offers a significant background in oil field and industrial litigation, as well as the nuances of construction litigation. That knowledge places confidence in our clients that they will receive top notch representation, giving rise to the best possible result.

Products Liability

Product liability litigation forms the basis of one of the firm's most significant sub-specialties. Regardless whether the claim arises from use on heavy equipment or from use of consumer equipment, clients need advice and counseling in how to manage litigation that is based on strict liability.

Truck Litigation

You cannot be in the trucking business and not have accidents. Often, the incidents can be quite severe. We know intimately the "ins and outs" of this specialty area.

Insurance Litigation

Our traditional client base of insurance companies has given us a strong background in coverage issues, as well as handling the unique needs of insurance companies in the first party and bad faith litigation. For years, ours has been the "go to" firm in this area.

Consumer Litigation

The cost of doing business includes the potential for a dissatisfied customer or client to take his grievance to court. The customer has a variety of consumer friendly laws to choose from, including the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), and the Texas Debt Collection Act. Our business clients place their confidence in the Firm's comprehensive knowledge of Texas consumer statutes and our extensive litigation experience.

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