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Civil Asset Forfeiture

When the government seizes your property, we take it back

Civil asset forfeiture, in our view, is one of the most corruptible areas in all of Texas and American law. The fact that the government has the legal ability to come to your house (or bank account), seize your property with no warrant, and then force you into a lawsuit so you have to fight to get it back is not what our founding fathers intended for this country. We’re here to fix that.

Civil asset forfeiture matters are quasi-criminal in that the government must prove a criminal allegation in order to seize your property. They allege that the property or currency is the proceeds of criminal activity or used in connection with criminal activity, and therefore should be forfeited to the State. They often seize vehicles, cash or currency in bank accounts, jewelry and other valuables, or even homes and property.

In order to fight these cases effectively, an attorney needs particular knowledge of both the criminal system and the civil system, as these are in effect criminal cases being prosecuted in civil court. At the Akers Firm, we have both. We have successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of client property and currency for clients whose property has been seized.

Fees for civil asset forfeiture cases may vary based on the type of case, from flat-fee or hourly rates to a contingency recovery fee, in which case you pay nothing unless we recover your property or currency.

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