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Environmental Crimes

Environmental Crime

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In recent years, there has been a palpable shift in various State and Federal law enforcement agencies to more aggressively prosecute environmental crime. This may mean criminal cases filed against individuals or corporations. In the past, very few environmental cases were filed, which results in very few attorneys having experience battling them. Attorneys at the Akers Firm, however, have been on the front lines since day one.

Environmental crimes can range from intentional acts to mere negligence –when the government steps in and tells you “we know this was an accident, but you should have known better.” Nothing can be more dangerous than a governmental entity Monday-morning quarterbacking a situation under which people had no control. Penalties in environmental crimes can range from fines in the thousands or millions of dollars or even prison time.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of an environmental criminal case or investigation, don’t just hire anyone. Hire an experienced advocate who knows how to handle the situation so that you get the best result.

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